The one file report


At the moment a one file HTML is supported only. On updates (stages) the tool overwrites same file each time which current report data displaying a table showing each matrix and each stage.

  • a green cell indicates a successful completed stage
  • a red cell indicates a failed stage
  • a yellow stage indicates a stage that has not been processed

Information as currently the state (started, succeeded and failed) and the duration.

You enable it by using the command line option –report (default: off)

spline --definition=examples/matrix.yaml --report=html

For the moment you cannot specify the output path and filename; it will be written to current working directory as pipeline.html.




When running the matrixes in parallel then multiple processes are spawned. Using Python multiprocessing each process does send information via a queue to the collector (main process). The collector finally writes the pipeline.yaml on each update.


The generated HTML does have a meta information that enforced refreshing of the page each 5 seconds allowing to see the progress of your pipelines.